How to change thermostat housing on an engine..

My friends know me, although I am a chemical and industrial engineer, also very deep related and interested in all engineering subjects, like mechanics, electronics and so on. During my childhood my father impressed on me, as he was a real master and craftsman, we done many things together. I can discuss any technical issue with any engineer, as I always know something about his subject.

Automotive technically is an subject in my life, which caused me to start working in artificial leather job, was a project of producing leather for automotive many years ago. So I follow the automotive news, especially the technical ones, and I fix my own car if I have time 🙂

A few days before, I noticed the dramatically drop in the level of cooling water, and catched that water leak in the thermostat housing. I ordered the new OEM part and changed.

In automotive where the heat resistant long life is required, then polyamide polymer is used. Since mine is old enough I can expect such crack in my engine part.

This is my old thermostat housing;

thermostad housing_1_OLD

I uninstalled the old one:

thermostad housing_2_UNINSTALLED

This is where the crack is:

thermostad housing_3_

Old and new parts; all are polyamide 6.6, which is a durable polymer. The piece must be durable and resistant to heat aging.

thermostad housing_4_

thermostad housing_5_old new

thermostad housing_6_

Finally installed the new part:

thermostad housing_7_

That was in the evening, so I waited to let the heat resistant silicone dry, where I used in order to prevent leakages. In the morning I filled the system with water+antifreeze and checked. It was all ok 🙂

Note: This requires professional experience, otherwise you can damage your engine and is not safe.

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